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Our company information

Talichi International Publishing is a Spanish company based in Mallorca.

Formed in 1997 our primary aim was to create a high quality magazine, Ambrosía, which dealt with food and the part it plays in the Mallorcan, and more widely Mediterranean, lifestyle. Everyone we spoke to about it was highly enthusiastic and urged us to begin printing. That was until we tried to get advertising. To say the market was over–saturated with cheap and low quality magazines was, and still is, a gross understatement. It was an absolute nightmare. To cut a long story short the magazine was a financial disaster even though it was popular with the readers. It was always sold out on the newsstands but we just couldn't get the right amount of advertising, which is where you make your money, to support it.

Basically, we just made far too many small business mistakes to get it right. We have learned very much from the experience, you could say we bought the experience, but we can emerged far better for it albeit somewhat financially poorer.

So what did we do after all that? We returned to what we do best, electronic publishing (web site design and electronic documentation) and computing. From then we haven't looked back!