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web site design web site optimisation and search engine posting internet hosting and domain name registration language translation and globalisation
digital photography stationery and traditional printing

Welcome to Talichi International Publishing

Talichi International Publishing is a Spanish company based in Mallorca (or Majorca if you prefer) offering a wide range of Internet and publishing services especially tailored to our individual clients. Briefly, our services include…

  • Web site design and construction
  • Web site optimisation and search engine posting
  • Web site hosting and domain name registration
  • Computer system installation and maintenance
  • Foreign language translation and localisation
  • Photography - both 35mm and digital
  • Stationery and corporate identity design and traditional printing

As many of you are aware, the Internet and computing world is an extremely exciting yet complex one; a place that can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. What compounds these problems is that most computing people tend to forget about the most important issue and asset of any organisation - the people who work there!

At Talichi we believe that the Internet and computers are only ever as good as the people sitting in front of them... which very much includes us. Not your megahertz, how many gigas you have, or even the size of your bandwidth… none of that. Our aim is to provide solutions that enhance your lives and business opportunities by listening to you, discussing your opinions and providing you with tailor–made solutions - even if that doesn't involve a computer at all!